The Wine

CASA del VIENTO VINEYARD sits atop the cliffs overlooking Arroyo Chico in the northern Sierra Nevada foothills. When the summer sun sets in early evening and the temperature cools, a gentle wind descends from the snow capped Sierra into the canyon below and caresses the vines at Casa del Viento. This breeze kisses the Syrah grapes and helps prevent premature heat induced sugars from developing. This prolongation of sugar development gives the fruit of Casa del Viento its depth of character and complexity. We like to say, “The wind makes the wine at Casa del Viento.”

Our unique ridge-top location at 9 Stony Meadows Terrace, just outside Chico, provides us with western slope terroir of the volcanic Lovejoy Basalt formation. Here the red-clay soils are rich in nutrients unlike those of other appellations, and gives our Syrah smooth and subtle quality.

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THE WINE: A medium bodied Syrah with a subtle dryness. It is bright with balanced acidity and minerals and a purity of lush, coy flavors that emerge mid-palette forward… and then lingers lightly. Hints of boysenberry, green tea and minimal earth. Blackberry and cranberry perfumed characters rise to the nose. The finish is long and enduring with fruity flavors.